Port of Lopez Commission

Commission members are:

Kenn Aufderhar
Dan Post
Steve Adams
Helen Cosgrove (clerk)


(360) 468-4116

PO Box 907
Lopez Island, WA 98261

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Port of Lopez Comprehensive Scheme of 2009

A Comprehensive Scheme serves as a guide to the development of Port properties and for the acquisition of other properties as required by Chapter 53.20 of the Revised Code of Washington (RCW), which mandates that we provide and update a comprehensive scheme of proposed capital improvements.  A comprehensive scheme is conceptual in nature, while individual site planning is more detailed and directed toward specific projects. This document serves to communicate with you regarding our public expenditures.

It will guide the development of the Port’s properties and acquisition of other properties to serve the needs of Lopez Island residents and visitors.

The Port of Lopez owns and operates the Lopez Island airport, aircraft hangars and storage units. It owns the surrounding land and an easement on land south and west of the airport for stormwater management. The Port also owns oil spill cleanup equipment, which is used by the Islands Oil Spill Association. The Port continues to look for viable waterfront opportunities.

The Port District boundaries encompass all of Lopez Island.

The Port plans to:

  • Make improvements to existing airport facilities in accordance with the FAA approved Airport Improvement Plan.
  • Identify and acquire land around the airport for aircraft safety and as a residential buffer.
  • Develop Port properties as appropriate for the mission of the Port.
  • Develop a waterfront presence by Identifying, acquiring, and developing shoreline parcels for commercial, recreational, and/or public access purposes.

These will be funded by normal revenue sources available to the Port.

Any individual development project will need a separate capital improvement plan, and proper land use and permitting approvals.