Rentals: Hangar, Storage, Tie-Down & Parking

  • T-hangars measure approximately 39′ x 34′.
  • Hangars B, C and D are $732.22 per quarter including leasehold tax of 12.84 %
  • Hangar A is $648.90 per quarter including leasehold tax of 12.84%.
  • There is a waiting list, call 360-468-4116.
  • Overnight ramp tie-down is $5/day
  • Reserved ramp tie-down spaces is $20/month.
Storage Units:
  • Storage units measure approximately 12′ x 17′ with a high ceiling.
  • $435.94 per quarter including a leasehold tax of 12.84%.
  • There may be a waiting list, call 360-468-4116.
Car Parking:
  • Free 48hr. parking provided at Port office building
  • Long term (fee) parking provided 100′ east of Port building.
  • Long term parking fees are: $15/month or $120/year.
Contact:  Rick 360-468-4116 for additional information.     

All fees are to be put in the Port office building inside mail slot or U.S. mailed to:

Port of Lopez, PO Box 907, Lopez, WA 98261.


FAA Standards require hangars to be used specifically for aeronautical activities.


  • Storage of active aircraft and related equipment.
  • Non-commercial construction of amateur-built or kit-built aircraft. Sponsors should incorporate construction progress targets in the lease to ensure that the hangar will be used for operational aircraft within reasonable term.
  • Short-term storage of a non-operational aircraft for purposes of maintenance, repair, or refurbishment of aircraft, but not the indefinite storage of nonoperational aircraft.
  • The FAA will generally not consider items to interfere with the aeronautical use of the hangar unless the items: – Impede the movement of the aircraft in and out of the hangar or impede access to aircraft or other aeronautical contents out of the hangar. or displace the aeronautical contents out of the hangar.
  • A vehicle parked at the hangar while the vehicle owner is using the aircraft will not be considered to displace the aircraft.
  • Hangars may not be used as a residence.
  • In limited circumstances a sponsor may request FAA approval for interim use of a hangar for non-aeronautical purposes with assurances that the hangar will be returned to aeronautical activities.
  • Sponsors should ensure that length of time on a waiting list of those in need for a hangar for aircraft storage is minimized.
  • Permitting non-aeronautical items in hangars could inhibit the sponsor’s ability to meet obligations associated with FAA grant assurances.