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Port of Lopez Newsletter; It has come to the attention of the port commissioners that there may be incomplete or inaccurate information circulating about some recent projects so we are offering this short update. The Port is updating the FAA airport master plan, including:

(1) A new weather station to meet Med Flight needs: The commission rejected the  recommended locations which would have severely affected the airport neighbors and is exploring less intrusive options.

(2) The commissioners have turned down the proposal to relocate Eagles Roost and Meadow Lane (at the south end of the runway) out of the Runway Protection Zone (RPZ); there are many busier roads operated safely and legally within RPZ’s in the state.

(3) Acquisition of private property within the RPZ (recommended by the FAA). The commission will consider acquisition of recommended properties only from a willing seller.

The Port has completed a small picnic shelter funded with a county economic development grant. All labor was donated by Port Commissioners and local pilots. Come out and use the new picnic area.

The Port has completed acquisition of critical parcels at each end of the airport to remove trees growing into the path of landing and departing airplanes, making the airport safer and meeting FAA mandates.

Lopez Airport is an economic engine to our island: daily flying in overnight express packages, transporting workers and professionals and allowing families to live on-island and commute to work. Annually we have 13,624 operations, mostly from off-island or commercial aircraft serving island needs. Emergency medical transports from the airport are up 20% this ear. Lopez Port has the third lowest Port tax rate in the State (2014 data).

Noise Abatement:  Please be considerate of our neighbors when taking off.  We are asking pilots to fly the runway heading to 700′ MSL before making your turn.  Thank you.

There are no services at the airport.  We have a small waiting room in the terminal, free WiFi and a phone for local or 911 calls.  There is a port-a-potty located on the east side of the building out by the road.

Restaurants, lodging, shops, art galleries are approximately 4 miles from the airport in Lopez Village..

There is a very nice 9 hole golf course adjacent to the airport. Their website is lopezislandgolf.com.  Tee times are usually not to difficult to get and it’s a great course.  If your ball goes over the fence onto the airport, consider it a donation to the school’s golf program.

For information about Lopez – check out the Lopez Island Chamber of Commerce at lopezisland.com or the community site at  lopezrocks.org.

For information about the area where the trees are going to be removed north of airport, click link below: 2016 tree clearing site map

If information that you are looking for is not here: contact Helen at 360-468-4116

Approaching the Lopez Airstrip
Getting Ready to Land
Getting Ready to Land